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Mat Rush (Lomandra)

Latin Name: Lomandra

Description: A tussock or rush like plant. It grows 1 m high. It spread 60 cm to 1 m wide. It keeps growing from year to year. The root system is crowded into a clump. The leaves are long and narrow. They are tough but flexible. They can be 1 m long by 1 cm wide. They have flat or slightly in-rolled edges. Male and female flowers are on separate plants. They are tiny and cream coloured. They are about 4 mm long and grouped in clusters 1-2 cm long. These are also grouped along flattened flowering branches 60 cm long. There is a sharp pointed spiny bract 2 cm long at the base of each flower. They flowers are fragrant.















Notes: This strappy leaf plant is often used on roadside plantings in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and the USA, due to its high level of drought tolerance. The breeding of more compact finer leaf forms has made Lomandra longifolia popular as an ever green grass like plant in home plantings.

Edibility Rating out of 5: 2

Medicinal Rating out of 5: 0












Edible Uses: Flowers – raw. A flavour of fresh peas. Both sexes are used though the male flowers are easier to harvest. White leaf bases – raw. A flavour of green peas, they are refreshing and enjoyable.

Other Uses: Basketry; Fibre; Weaving.

The leaves contain a tough fibre and they are used in basket making and in weaving. This fibre can also be made into a string.