Turkey Rhubarb -Acetosa sagittata

Latin Name: Acetosa sagittata













Description: A creeper, keeps growing from year to year up to 2 m high. The leaves are smooth and arrow-shaped. They are 3-7 cm long. They are pale green and soft. The flowers develop clusters of papery capsules about 1 cm wide changing from pale green to reddish-brown when mature.

Notes: It is sometimes cultivated in Java.

Edible Uses: The cooked leaves have a sweet-sour flavour. They are used in place of tamarind in stews.

Acetosa sagittata













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    1. admin Post author

      Not that I am aware of Ben. Or rather, I never found any information about it. We need to talk to some farmer in Indonesia to know more.
      They are very woody anyhow


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