Cathead (Emex australis)

Latin Name: Emex australis

Family: Polygonaceae













Description: A small herb. It is like a dock but the stems trail along the ground. It is an annual plant. The leaves are 3-10 cm long on very long stalks. Male and female flowers are separate. The seed pods are large and spiny. The seed pods are about 1 cm long. They have 3 sharp spines

Edibility Rating out of 5: 1

Medicinal Rating out of 5: 1

Emex australis











Edible Uses: Young leaves cooked. The leaves contain oxalates and are laxative in large quantities.

Warnings: The 3-cornered seeds can be very painfull if stepped upon, They are renown to pierce through bycicle tyres.

Medicinal Uses: When eaten in quantity, the leaves have a laxative effect upon the body.



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