Blowfly Grass (Briza maxima)

Latin Name: Briza maxima

Family: Poaceae

Description: An annual grass. It grows 60 cm high. The flowering stalk usually has 3-8 large spikelets. They droop at the tip.















Edible Uses: The seeds and leaves are edible. The seeds are crushed and cooked and used in porridge and bread.
The young flowering spikes are eaten raw as a snack.

Warnings: None Known

Briza maxima











Medicinal Uses: None Known




2 thoughts on “Blowfly Grass (Briza maxima)

  1. B-Maye

    Hi, you could add one warning for briza maxima:

    For people who have allergies or are sensitive to lucerne and other grasses, eating the seeds raw may cause a stinging sensation on their lips and mouth (especially any small cuts)


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